Poland B goes toward economic development! Learn more about that below

Have you ever heard of an unofficial division of Poland? I mean about a distinction which is pretty often used and well-known in Poland: Poland A and Poland B.

Those 2 areas vary in the level of economic growth. Poland A is part of the country that is more economically developed and grows faster. Poland B is less developed and is structurally weaker generally. Certainly, this division did not come out of nowhere. It owns its roots in Polish history. The beginning cancould be found in the period of the partitions, when lands annexed by Prussia were much better developed than provinces annexed by Austria and Russia.

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The positive news is that the local authorities take various steps to reduce these disparities and raise opportunities for speedy development recommend us of Poland B. For instance, in 2007, the Operational Programme called “Development of Eastern Poland” has been implemented. Funds from mentioned program are supposted to aid and accelerate development – pokaż szczegóły – of Poland B. The local authorities do everything they can to efficiently spend accessible funding and opportunitieschances mentioned program brings. Czarna Bialostocka is a useful illustration. It is a city placed in Podlaskie voivodeship. This is quite tiny – in 2013 the town had 9671 inhabitants.

In 2012 the action of developing the Podlaski Industrial Park in Czarna Bialostocka has begun. There are 2 major factors which could support it to become the most profitable industrial park in Poland – explore here.

To begin with, Czarna Bialostocka has a really favourable location. It’s only 35 kilometers to the border crossing with the Republic of Belarus and merely 145 kilometers to Lithuania. Furthermore, it is less than 200 km to the Kaliningrad Oblast and to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
, it’s berely 22 km away from Bialystok – the biggest city of the voivodeship, where big universities are locatedplaced. Thanks to this, smart absolvent graduating from these colleges would be able to provide skills.

Hopefully, because the already mentioned factors, heaps foreign businessmen interested in investing in Poland, will chose the Podlaski Industrial Park and contribute to the development of Poland B.