What you should know about online time tracking

Online time tracking software is a cloud-based tool that records time, employees are spending on certain tasks inside various projects.

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What features online time tracking offers?

Online time trackers provides their user with a number of practical features that help them tracking their time accurately and charge their clients precisely. The most popular function is timer – simple button that users have to start and stop while working on a task. Timer is associated with time entry – it’s the table, where names of tasks appears with a field of timer next to it. So you can choose name of taks you want to work on and operate the timer during your work.

Second important thing is time sheet – it’s a list of tasks where you can manually fill durations of your activities if you hadn’t use timer while working.

There is also third option for online time tracking – keyword time tracking – it’s great opportunity for people who don’t want to bother operating time tracking system. Keywords time tracking automatically recognises tasks you are working on and track time itsefl. The only one thing user need to do is to set keywords and ascribe them to tasks so system could detect it automatically.

Invoicing tools

Except of straight time tracking, timesheet tools offer also accounting features to facilitate charging clients for work done.

The function invoicing gives users opportunity to create invocies for clients basing on time data that online time tracker gathered from your computer.

Time tracking tool is fine solution for running business – it’s doing a great job for people who cares about accurate dealing with client, improving productivity and achieving goals faster and with less effort given.